M'sian Lauds KFC Manager For Returning His Credit Card & Not Charging His Meal At 1.30AM

Ah Liang experienced kindness that never sleeps first-hand in Ipoh, Perak. <3

Cover image via Eugene Yeoh (Google Maps) & Ah Liang (Facebook)

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A Malaysian has shared a heartwarming encounter of meeting a helpful KFC manager, who not only served his order even though the store was preparing to close but also returned his lost credit card

Taking to Facebook last Wednesday, 20 April, Ah Liang — who often shares his life encounters on social media — said he was at a pub in Ipoh, Perak at 1.30am last week and saw that a KFC store was still open.

Wanting to get some takeaway to eat in his hotel room as supper, he left the pub and headed to the fast food chain on Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar.

However, when he got there, he was told that they were closed even though the sign said the closing time was 2am.

"All the chickens were also cleared from the heated display. Aiyah," Ah Liang lamented.

"I protested a little and the manager said 'alright'. [He] packed my order as per standard serving with the coleslaw, mash, and Pepsi that come with a snack plate meal."

Being able to get supper conveniently late at night is generally the little thing we appreciate in life.

But what Ah Liang received was more than just a delicious meal in the wee hours of the morning. He also received the kindness of the KFC manager.

When Ah Liang was about to pay, the manager — named Zakir — said there was no need for that.

"[He] said 'no worries' and wouldn't take my card. I asked if he was sure [and] he insisted," he continued.

"Didn't expect that at all. [I] was pleasantly surprised and left a RM10 tip in the box."

"I mean, the guy still packed the meal respectfully [with] bells and whistles despite knowing that he wasn't going to charge me for it."

Ah Liang said the meal was "perfectly" served with the fried chicken and mash potatoes still warm.

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As he was enjoying the food in his hotel room, his phone rang

He was hesitant to pick up the call, but he did after his phone rang the second time.

Ah Liang learnt that the call was from the bank.

"[It seemed that] I had left my card at KFC and the manager rang the bank to inform [the bank]," he recounted.

"The bank took note and [said] that they would cancel the card. Turned out the KFC manager then asked the bank to try calling me first before cancelling in case I needed to use the card since it was late."

"Well, that was what the bank told me anyway. Wow."

"[I] told the bank I'll head to KFC immediately to retrieve my card and for them to call again in 10 minutes to confirm. Sure enough, the KFC manager was there to hand over my card."

Speaking to SAYS, Ah Liang said the whole encounter happened in a span of less than half an hour as everything was within walking distance

"The bank called me 10 minutes after I left KFC. So I would assume Zakir would have found my card almost immediately after I left," he said when contacted.

In the Facebook post, Ah Liang called Zakir a "star" as he displayed thoughtfulness while on duty.

"If [you're] in Ipoh and craving for KFC, do look him up at the Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar branch," he concluded the post.

Ah Liang (left) and KFC manager Zakir.

Image via Ah Liang (Facebook)

The post has garnered about 4,500 likes and 600 shares

Many netizens lauded Zakir for being an amazing manager at the fast food chain and said that it was a heartwarming encounter.

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Below is Ah Liang's full post:

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