Financially Strapped Father In Pahang Trades Durians With Toys Just To Make His Kids Happy

The father set aside his pride and asked a vendor whether he could trade the toys his children wanted with durians.

Cover image via Harga Rapat (Facebook)

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Recently, a story about a loving father who tries his very best to keep his children happy has gone viral on social media.

Despite being strapped for cash, the father in Pahang found a way to get the toys his children wanted.

His method?

Trading durians with a drone, a remote control car, and several small toys.

The story was first shared by a toy vendor, whom the father and his children met after they finished eating at a shop in Jengka late last month

In a Facebook post, the vendor β€” named Harga Rapat β€” said the father approached them to say that he wanted to buy some toys for his children but did not have enough money.

As a durian trader, the father then asked whether he could exchange some durians with the toys.

Speaking to Harian Metro on Monday, 14 February, vendor Mohamad Fakhrullah said the father's eldest child really wanted a toy drone he was selling at the site.

"Our hearts melted when we heard the customer's offer because we saw that he was determined to fulfil his child's wishes," the 29-year-old vendor said.

"Previously, there were customers who tried to bargain because they did not have enough money, but no one ever wanted to exchange toys with durians or their belongings."

Seeing the father's and his children's expressions, Fakhrullah could not bring himself to refuse the offer

"My business partners and I pushed aside the question of profit or loss at that time because we agreed to share our sustenance," he told the Malay daily.

Fakhrullah related that after he and his partners agreed to accept the offer, the father immediately went home to pick up durians.

"The customer then came back to our store with durians and exchanged them for drones, remote control cars, and other small toys that cost more than RM200," he said.

"He gave us more than five to six durian and I saw the father's face that was filled with warmth and relief as he could fulfil his children's desires."

"Meanwhile, his children looked happy. And at the moment, I realised how much sacrifice a father makes."

In the Facebook post, he said that the durians were a mix of Musang King and D24 variants

Fakhrullah told Harian Metro that by sharing the story, he hopes it can send out a positive message to all traders or anyone who want to help others

"Don't be afraid to share sustenance. Believe me, sustenance has been arranged by Allah, we just have to work to get it," he said.

"My business partners and I started from the bottom when we first began selling toys by the roadside during the Movement Control Order (MCO). So, we can only help others in accordance to our ability."

Fakhrullah and his business partners currently run a toy shop called Wael Toysο»Ώ on Jalan Kampung Bukit in Bayan Lepas, Penang, and they actively share their journey on their Facebook page Harga Rapat.

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