Perak Waste Collectors Receive RM2.5K Worth Of Ang Pows & Lots Of Packet Drinks During CNY

So many chrysanthemum packet drinks! So sweet. <3

Cover image via @muhamad_30_ (TikTok)

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A group of waste collectors in Perak has collected over RM2,500 worth of ang pows, as well as a stack of packet drinks and snacks, during Chinese New Year

In a series of TikTok posts, Muhammad Izzat showed the generosity he and his colleagues have received while serving residents in the state.

"Alhamdulillah, rezeki. (We) collected waste and the Chinese gave tangerines, drinks, and ang pows," wrote Izzat.

In one post, Izzat used Chinese New Year festive songs in the video, as he showcases the gifts and ang pows they received.

A bundle of chrysanthemum and other flavoured packet drinks can be seen being piled up by the roadside in the TikToks, as Izzat counts the total money they received.

In a reply to SAYS, Izzat said the ang pow money will be divided among four of them

"We received ang pows every day. After work, we opened and counted the money to share equally among ourselves," he said.

"We received (ang pows) every day throughout the (Chinese New Year) week."

He added that they received RM430 on 31 January, RM809 on 1 February, RM774 on 2 February, RM238 on 3 February, and RM202 on 4 February.

Following that, they collectively received about RM50 to RM80 until 10 February.

Many netizens were happy for Izzat and his colleagues as they were graced with gifts, which are seen as tokens of the residents' gratitude for their hard work

"Fuhh, must have been great. Must have felt like children receiving duit raya," read a comment.

"Wow, (you) received a thick stash of duit raya. That's great," another person added.

Image via TikTok

Several netizens shared in the comments section that their family members often receive ang pows and gifts during the festival, too.

"My father who used to work at the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) received a lot of ang pows during Chinese New Year. My husband who works as a postman also receives a lot of ang pows," said a TikTok user.

"Same as my sister's husband. [He] works as a Grab rider. Last night, he brought home tangerines, packet drinks, and ang pows... (There was) even a bucket of KFC," commented a netizen.

"(When) the Chinese celebrate, the whole country celebrates," a netizen cheered.

Image via TikTok

You can watch one of Izzat's videos here:


Alhamdulillah rezeki.. kutip sampah cina bagi limau, air dan ampau.. #cny #cny2022

Gadis Dan Bunga - Rahimah Rahim

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