Thaipusam Blessing: Devotees Assist Woman Giving Birth In A Car At Batu Caves

"Once again, Malaysians came together to help each other regardless of race and religion. It was a touching moment that made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes," said Makkal Osai journalist LK Savantharaja.

Cover image via LK Savantharaja (Facebook)

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A woman gave birth inside a four-wheel drive outside Sri Subramaniar Temple at Batu Caves early on Thaipusam morning, 18 January

Devotees walking towards the temple to perform their prayers suddenly saw a car pull up in front of the temple and heard a woman screaming for help from the inside.

In a Facebook post, Makkal Osai journalist LK Savantharaja, who was at the scene, shared how several people quickly broke away from the procession and rushed to her aid.

They were greeted by the sight of a Malay woman midway through labour in the car's front passenger seat with her distraught husband by her side.

According to New Straits Times, the mother had developed labour pain and the couple were on the way to the hospital when she went into labour.

On instinct, a few temple-goers quickly took off their sarees and veshthis and held it up against the vehicle to give the woman some privacy

"It happened so fast. The devotees were really fast to respond. They quickly held up the vesthis and sarees to ensure the pregnant mother is comfortable before she delivered a baby girl. Once again, Malaysians came together to help each other regardless of race and religion," Savantharaja told TheSunDaily.

"It was a touching moment that made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes."

Several women guided the lady through the birthing process and after the baby was delivered at 7.45am, Savantharaja helped find a knife to cut its umbilical cord.

An ambulance arrived shortly after and paramedics ensured both mother and child were stable before bringing them to a hospital for a thorough check up.

Videos and photos of the incident uploaded by Savantharaja has garnered over 1,800 shares on Facebook, with netizens praising the devotees for their quick action and kindness

The daughter of the woman who assisted the delivery has also shared how happy all of the witnesses were to hear the baby cry for the first time.

Naroshinii Annaselam told SAYS that her mother has had three years of nursing experience and did not hesitate to help when they found out what was wrong. Naroshinii said her mother encouraged the tired mother to push the baby that was halfway out of her womb.

"Murmuring a small prayer, Mum gently twisted the baby and pulled her out, and the baby cried and honestly after all that ruckus – it was the happiest cry that I ever heard, even I cried!"

Many other netizens also called the baby a blessing as she was delivered at the footsteps of the famous temple dedicated to Hindu deity Muruga on the day of Thaipusam.

Savantharaja said the husband, who was in a state of shock during the incident, managed to thank the crowd for the help and wished everyone 'Happy Thaipusam' before leaving for the hospital.

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