KL Mall Confuses Malaysians With Its CNY Deco Looking Like Qing Ming's 'Joss Paper Pagoda'

"Opening a branch in heaven, is it?"

Cover image via @jbackpacktravel (Instagram) & Malaysia Shopping Mall (Facebook)

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It is not yet February, but we have already begun preparing for the Qing Ming festival?

That is probably what you would think if you see Suria KLCC's Chinese New Year decoration located outside the mall

The luxury mall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur has been criticised by some Malaysians recently after photos of its pagoda-like decoration went viral on social media.

Last week, Facebook page Malaysia Shopping Mall posted three photos of the decoration and attracted netizens' attention.

Many Facebook users likened the decoration to joss paper houses that the Chinese community burn during the Qing Ming festival, which falls on 5 April this year.

The festival is also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, a commemorative day where believers come together to pay respect to their ancestors.

Joss paper money, treasure chests, and luxury mansions and cars, among others, are often burnt to serve as an offering to the people who have passed on.

Both Chinese New Year and the Qing Ming festival are opposing in nature, as the former is an auspicious celebration while the latter is often a dreary observance.

Some netizens took offence at the mall's taste, as they believe associating death to Chinese New Year may bring bad luck for the year

"Suria KLCC, it is time for you to fire your marketing department along with their designers who design this. Laziness is not an excuse. Uncultured is also not an excuse too. [It's] very easy these days to just Google to learn and understand something," commented a Facebook user.

Another person said, "When [it] comes to festive decoration, please get consulted with some Chinese people or do more research before coming out such [an] idea, sayang. No offense, but [it's] truly ugly, and it didn't bring out any feeling of Chinese New Year, more like [the] feeling of Qing Ming."

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, many netizens made jokes out of Suria KLCC's blunder, saying in jest that the mall planned way too far ahead

Several netizens said the mall can keep the decoration until the Qing Ming festival in April.

Some wondered whether the decoration is sponsored by Nirvana, a local funeral services company.

Image via Facebook

Some netizens even asked, tongue in cheek, whether Suria KLCC is opening a branch in heaven

Image via Facebook

A couple of Facebook users claimed Suria KLCC must have faced a budget constraint because other local malls have built stunning pagoda-like structures, but they are not made out of paper-like material. 

Image via Facebook

Suria KLCC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Although the structure outside Suria KLCC is questionable, the decoration inside the mall looks great.

You can check it out in the video below taken by local travel blogger @jbackpacktravel:

The Chinese community is known for burning bizarre items during the Qing Ming festival:

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