Kind Stranger Sends Man's Lost Wallet With Over RM3,000 Cash Back To Him In A Parcel

Traj TJ said he has made friends with the Good Samaritan and even invited her to his wedding.

Cover image via Traj TJ (Facebook)

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Normally, if your wallet has been lost for more than a few days, that is it. The wallet is gone forever.

Image via Tenor

But for Traj TJ, he managed to get his wallet back even though it had been lost for more than three weeks.

It is all thanks to a Good Samaritan who sent his wallet back to him in a parcel.

In a Facebook post published last Monday, 1 November, Traj shared that he received his wallet from his 'mailbox' even though he had lost it on 3 October.

He related that it was not the money or the cards that made him feel upset over the missing wallet, but the sentimental value it had to him.

Traj told SAYS that the wallet was a present from his fiancée and it had a photo of his late grandmother in it.

He revealed that he had a collection of overseas notes of various denominations, about RM3,000 worth of Singapore dollars, and a few bills of RM50.

Based on the photos he uploaded, the wallet also has his name emblazoned in gold on the inside and outside.

"Few days back, a parcel was delivered to my house and I only had time to unbox it after two days," Traj wrote in his Facebook post.

"And to my surprise, it was my lost wallet!"

"Every single thing was in place same (sic) as before I lost the wallet," Traj continued.

"It was found by a very kindhearted person as she spent her own money to post and deliver it to me and also she made sure that I received it!"

He told this SAYS writer that he received the parcel on 27 October, 24 days after he lost the wallet.

The parcel came with a note, which read, "Hi sir, I found your wallet in Petronas Batu Caves. Call me if the wallet has reached you."

It is understood that the parcel travelled some 20km from Batu Caves to Rawang so that the wallet can reunite with its owner.

Immediately, Traj called the number on the note and asked for their location as he intended to return the favour

"Yes, [I] immediately asked her location and wanted to thank her in person with a hamper," Traj said when asked whether the woman seen receiving the hamper from him in a video he uploaded was the person who had returned his wallet.

The Good Samaritan's name is Salina Sadik.

Traj gifting a hamper to Salina.

Image via Traj TJ (Facebook)

"I have made friends with her through this incident," he related.

"In fact, [I] invited her [to] our upcoming wedding. A gem like her should be treasured though we are different races."

In the Facebook post, Traj said Salina is "one in a million".

Salina said she was overjoyed when she knew the wallet safely reached Traj.

"I felt so happy when Traj called me and said that it did not go to the wrong person," she told SAYS when contacted.

"I only knew his address from what was shown on Traj's IC. What's important is that I'm so happy that the wallet was returned to the owner."

She added that she was not able to post out the wallet earlier as she was busy with work.

At the time of writing, Traj's post has gone viral with over 3,300 likes and 1,800 shares

Many netizens applauded Salina for having a kind heart. 

Image via Facebook

Below is Traj's full post:

It's always a lovely sight when Malaysians go out of their way to help others:

In December 2019, netizens helped a Malaysian woman reunite with a special piece of RM10 note that was given by her late father:

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