A Grab Driver Travelled Over 200KM To Return A Wallet That His Passenger Left In His Car

He drove all the way from Melaka to Johor Bahru.

Cover image via JB TRACER/Facebook

A Singaporean man recently took to Facebook to thank a Malaysian Grab driver for travelling over 200km to return the wallet he had accidentally left in the backseat of the car

The passenger, 31-year-old Carney Mak, posted in the Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime, and Community Service Report (JB TRACER) Facebook group to express his gratitude towards his kind Grab driver, Sateesh Karuppusam.

Mak wrote that he left his wallet while taking a Grab ride in Johor Bahru on Saturday, 4 January

According to China Press, Mak said that he did not sense anything amiss until he was about to make payment for dinner.

Working quickly, he reported his misplaced wallet to Grab while heading back to Singapore.

Shortly after arriving in Singapore, Mak received a call from Sateesh who said he would check his car

Although it was already past midnight, Sateesh called Mak again to inform him that he had found the wallet in the backseat.

The two agreed to meet at the Caltex petrol station in Johor Bahru Sentral the next day, even though Sateesh was to travel over 200km from Melaka.

The entrance of Johor Bahru Sentral.

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Mak shared that this incident has kept his faith in humanity

Not only did Sateesh deliver his wallet to him in the exact state he left it, with all his cards and few hundred dollars intact, Sateesh told him that he continued to pick up other passengers that day.

"No one saw the wallet or took it," Mak told China Press, "I feel very lucky."

While many netizens praised Sateesh for the kind deed, some asked Mak if any compensation was given for his time and effort

"Don't forget a token of appreciation," said a Facebook user, "Don't only post, it doesn't feed his family. I would have given him whatever cash I had in my wallet for his troubles because redoing identity cards and credit cards would cost time and money."

Although not confirmed, a netizen commented that Sateesh and his family were invited for a week-long stay in a hotel in Singapore, all paid for by Mak and his family.

We hope it's true.

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You can count on Malaysians to return your belongings safely:

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