Man Shares How 2 Penang Students Waited For An Hour To Return His Wallet With RM400

Faith in humanity restored.

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A heartfelt Facebook post by a man narrating how he found his lost wallet thanks to two students in Penang went massively viral

The Facebook post that was published in a public group last night, 9 October, has garnered over 20,000 reactions with more than 1,600 shares at the time of writing.

In the post, the wallet's owner, John Tan, wrote that he realised his wallet was not with him while he was dining in Elit Height, Penang yesterday.

When Tan arrived at his car to check for his wallet, he found a note slipped between his car door with a phone number written on it

"You dropped your wallet on the road and I have taken it for safekeeping," the note read.

According to Tan, the person who wrote the note was thoughtful as they slipped it between his car door rather than placing it on the windscreen.

Tan wrote that that would have made him miss the note or that it would have gotten wet as it was raining.

He then dialled the number given in the note.

The call was answered by a young voice who told him that he was waiting at a Western cuisine restaurant nearby

Elit Height, Penang.

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"When I arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, I saw two young individuals in their early 20s, who seemed to be college students, sitting at the table closest to the entrance," Tan wrote in his lengthy Facebook post.

"One of them stood up and opened the door, while holding my wallet that was drenched by the rain."

According to Tan, the students had waited for him for 15 minutes beside his car, however, when they saw no one came looking for the wallet, they decided to leave the note.

Tan wrote that he was touched by the youngsters' good deed and offered to pay the bill of their meal at the restaurant

"However, they were very modest and polite in refusing the offer," Tan continued.

"Of course, I insisted and went to the cashier."

Tan saw their table was empty, thus he assumed that they were waiting for their food to be served.

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It was at the cashier that he discovered that the students had actually finished their meal - they were just sitting there, waiting for his phone call.

The students rushed behind him and tried to stop Tan from paying the bill.

"I did not let them succeed. I had successfully convinced the cashier to take my money instead of theirs, successfully paid their dinner, and successfully expressed my gratitude."

When making the payment, Tan realised that over RM400 in cash was still in his wallet and all his cards were untouched

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"Out of courtesy, I did not check my wallet immediately after I got it back from them," Tan related.

Tan said the duo constantly thanked them, saying that they felt embarrassed because he paid for their meal.

"They did not have the attitude which expects good karma out of their good deed," Tan lauded.

Honestly, the person that should have been thanking is me.

"If it weren't for the two of them, I would have gone hungry for the next few days as I go around town to renew my documents at government departments.

"I would be wasting my time and spirit to correct my mistake. Paying the check of their meal was an easy way out," Tan confessed.

Tan said writing the post was meant to thank them again, as well as spreading positive energy to the world

"Their good deed should be made known to more people.

"Their attitude that does not expect good karma out of doing a good deed is commendable," he wrote.

"Their thoughtful and modest values are worth learning. Once again, thank you for restoring faith in humanity in this complicated world."

Many netizens flooded the comment section to praise the Good Samaritans

"Thank you to these two young people. I believe they were brought up by good parents and have a good moral compass," one netizen wrote.

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Another added, "Yes, we should give the two people a thumbs up. Not many people are like that these days. Wishing the two well and let's spread more positive energy."

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"I am so touched by this. May this spirit of positive energy flow forever, buddies! It is great to have you in the world! Bless your health and happiness," a netizen commented.

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You can read the full post here.

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