Klang Man Helps Poor Couple When They Tried To Pay For Car Battery With Coins And Voucher

He decided to help them when he noticed they only had RM90, some coins, and a gift voucher.

Cover image via Malay Mail & Nicky Tan/Facebook

On Wednesday, 28 August, a shop owner in Klang took to Facebook to share about a couple who could not afford to pay for a car battery

Nicky Tan, owner of Sin Tung Sheng Battery shared that he wanted to give the car battery for free to the couple after observing their situation.

Customer pakai proton wira Mari kedai time mcm ini. Tanya bateri second berapa. Saya cakap bateri second saya xder......

Posted by Nicky Tan on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

When the couple visited Nicky's shop, they asked if he had any secondhand car batteries for sale

According to Nicky, he only had new ones and revealed that if the couple traded in their old car battery for the cheapest battery, it would cost RM165. 

"When the couple heard the price (of the car battery), they began to discuss among themselves before searching their car compartments for money," the shop owner wrote. 

After a while, the couple told Nicky that they had RM90 cash with some coins amounting to about RM10, further asking him if they could get anything else cheaper.

However, after observing the condition of the couple's Proton Wira, Nicky decided to give the car battery to them for free

He noticed the car's radiator was fixed by glue, adding that the tail lights were spoiled and the spray paint had worn off. 

"The couple tried to hand a RM80 voucher to me but I asked them to spend it on their meals instead. I asked them to keep their coins and gave them the car battery. Even if I make a loss, it's fine," he wrote.

"I've been through the couple's situation before. I'm not rich but I'm not hungry. I'm already more than blessed," Nicky continued.

Nicky shared that the couple declined to accept the battery for free, adding that they insisted on giving him the voucher and RM80 as payment

"I refused to take the coins and returned RM10 so they can use it to go back. They said they have money at home when I asked or else I would have given them the battery for free," Nicky said in an interview with Malay Mail.

"They said their life is hard but still manageable," he said, adding that he was touched by their couple's persistence in giving him the voucher.

"Their daughter gave them the voucher to buy groceries and they said they still have a lot at home."

Way to go, Nicky!

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