This Woman Spent 20 Hours A Day For Five Years Taking Care Of Her Husband In A Coma

The first thing her husband reportedly said after waking up was, "I love you!"

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A man from central China who was in coma finally regained consciousness in the presence of his wife who cared for him for over 20 hours a day for 5 years

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Chinese news outlet reported that in August 2013, Li Zhihua was riding a scooter to work when a motorbike knocked him down.

Doctors announced that the man from Xiangyang in Hubei province had sustained serious brain injuries and could be in a permanent vegetative state.

However, his wife, Zhang Guihuan, refused to accept the fact and she devoted her time for nearly 2,000 days nursing him into recovery.

His 57-year-old wife slept as little as two hours a day, ensuring that he felt her presence most of the time

As a result, she lost 10 kgs over the years but it didn't bother her at all.

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Day after day, she stayed at Li's bedside, chatting with him, playing his favourite songs, feeding him, and cleaning him.

In a video by The Cover, Dr Wan Qing'an stated that her decision to talk to him and play him music stimulated his nervous system and it played a key role in his recovery.

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Zhang also refused to let him be fed via a stomach tube. 

She would feed him by putting food into his mouth before gently pressing his tongue, as a signal that he could eat.

Against all odds, her husband regained his consciousness last year.

The first thing her husband said after waking up was, "I love you!"

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He is now undergoing rehabilitation to help his speech and to regain his mobility.

Zhang is still supporting him every step of the way. She accompanies him to the hospital and helps him during physiotherapy sessions.

According to Metro UK, doctors say Li is making great progress.

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