This 12-Year-Old Boy Tried To Bargain For A RM85 Watch. He Got It For Free Instead.

He tried to bargain it for RM40 less.

Cover image via Twitter @amirin_johari & Instagram

An Instagram shop owner recently shared screenshots of a conversation he had with a boy in Kota Damansara who wanted to purchase a watch from him

On Monday, 26 August, Khairul Amirin took to Twitter to share the conversation he had with the 12-year-old boy, adding that the kid tried to bargain for the watch he was eyeing.

Khairul's tweet has since gone viral and received over 19,000 retweets and 17,400 likes.

When the boy asked for the price of the watch, Khairul revealed that it costs RM85 including delivery charges

According to their conversation, the boy thought it was too expensive, asking Khairul to lower the price to RM45 instead. 

Khairul, however, claimed it was too much of a price difference, adding that he could only offer to sell the watch at RM80. 

Defeated, the kid shared that he would try to look for a cheaper watch elsewhere. 

The man then apologised for the high pricing and thanked him for asking. 

The kid later requested for Khairul to reserve the watch for him

The man then wrote, "I can't promise that I can reserve it for you but I'll try my best. Give me a heads up if there is anything else."

"Pray for me that I'll have a good business. If I do well, I'll give you the watch for free," Khairul added. 

The kid then replied that he hopes Khairul will do well in his business, adding that the man should never forget his parents if he does well. 

The kid also shared that he recently achieved 5As for his test and will try harder to achieve 6As for the next test. Khairul complimented him for his hardworking behaviour and encouraged him to focus on his studies. 

After the tweet went viral, a kind soul contacted Khairul to sponsor the boy the watch he wanted

Khairul then shared that he attempted to contact the kid again, adding that it was now his responsibility to ensure the watch gets to the boy safely. 

The boy, however, refused to believe Khairul that he would be getting the watch for free. 

He declined to share his contact number and address to Khairul, adding that he was afraid of getting scolded by his father for sharing his details to a stranger. 

Khairul eventually managed to get the boy's details when it was his mother who answered the Instagram video call instead

The man shared in a tweet that he will find the time to mail the watch this weekend as his class schedule is currently packed, adding that he would keep everyone updated of the progress.

Later that day, Khairul shared a short video of the boy contacting him, saying "When do you want me to mail the watch to you? I'll ask your mother when she will be at home so that I can mail it to you."

The boy then replied in agreement before ending the video call. 

Enjoy your new watch, kid!

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