Deliveryman With Engineering Degree Gave Himself A Job Title And Netizens Are Here For It

The struggle is real!

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A former Engineering student's humorous tweet about his current job has garnered attention on Twitterverse

"Five years I took to complete my degree in Aircraft Engineering. Alhamdulillah, now I'm a Food Distribution Engineer," Amirul Syaqir tweeted on 25 August.

The tweet has garnered over 6,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Attached to the post are two photos - on the left, the netizen can be seen standing in front of an aircraft.

In the photo on the right, he is dressed in a Foodpanda uniform, smiling behind a delivery motorcycle.

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Amirul, who completed his Bachelor of Aircraft Engineering Technology at UniKL Malaysian Institute of Aviation Techolongy (MIAT) in June, is working as a Foodpanda rider due to the difficulties in securing a job related to his course.
"I can apply for Executive positions but there aren't many vacancies," he told SAYS.

"If I want to look for a job outside of my field of study, the answer I get the most is that I'm overqualified," he added.

Amused netizens who related to Amirul's struggle chimed in by sharing about their current jobs...

...With slightly exaggerated job titles.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

"Meanwhile, I protected a royal military cargo base from Pablo Escobar's pirates from north of the continent, circa 1984, Vietnam, Kampung Dusun."

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Amirul's post resonated particularly well with netizens who are working in different industries while searching for jobs in fields they studied in

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"Can we be gang? Three years studying a different course, now I'm working [with GrabFood] while looking for permanent work."

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"We're the same bro. Four years studying my diploma in an Electronic Technology course. Now I work as a security guard at Aeon Mall."

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The general consensus from his Twitter thread?

"We feel you."

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Nevertheless, many reached out to encourage the Foodpanda rider to keep up his good work, and congratulate him for making an honest living

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Several Twitter users even offered recommendations on where he could apply.

Moment of appreciation to all the Food Distribution Engineers out there! <3

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Some food delivery riders go above and beyond to earn an honest income:

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