"This Wheelchair, It Functions Like My Legs" - A GrabFood Delivery Woman Shares Her Story

The woman, working for GrabFood, has cerebral palsy and cannot walk since birth.

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Sumaiyah Ghazali, a wheelchair user working for GrabFood, has gone viral after an interview with Berita Harian Singapura, in which she shares why she's determined to work despite the struggle

In the interview with Berita Harian, Sumaiyah notes that while she doesn't come from a low-income household, as her siblings have high paying jobs, she's motivated in her current job as a food delivery person as it allows her to earn and be independent.

"At least when I work, I get to treat my parents to food. If I don't work and if my siblings are the only ones working, I will feel... useless.

"I know it is not easy to take care of a disabled person like me, and that gives me motivation, to be independent," she told Berita Harian.

The 40-year-old, who has cerebral palsy, revealed that she used to work in an office prior to joining GrabFood Singapore about four months ago, but there her co-workers would get impatient with her

"I used to work in the office, but my fingers are actually weak so sometimes the papers will drop everywhere on the floor and then people who are normal get impatient.

"You know, normal people get impatient with people like me," she says in the video.

I tried this job because I like it. It gives me satisfaction, I'm useful at least when I deliver food. It means my service is useful for the community.
Sumaiyah Ghazali.

As she shares her story, Sumaiyah requests customers to be patient with her and asks for their cooperation. "I'll try to deliver as fast as I can. Thank you!" she says in the video, wiping away tears.

Watch the full video of her interview here:

In the comment section of Berita Harian's page, hundreds of netizens have expressed their gratitude towards Sumaiyah

Among them, one of the most liked comments by a Facebook user named Clement Chen noted how the woman with her determination is a blessing to others.

"Hello Miss Sumaiyah, I hope this message reaches you. I saw you around Tampines MRT and I wanted to go over to say hi! I wanted to tell you that you are an amazing lady who is independent & strong. Sadly I couldn’t muster the courage to do so.

"I hope to see you around next time and this time I’ll come up to you to say hi! You are a living testament to your will power and fighting spirit and such an inspiration to all!

"Thank you for sharing your story, you are a blessing to others!"

Sumaiyah was recently applauded for her professionalism, dedication, and her perseverance after her interaction with a GrabFood customer was shared by the customer himself:

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