A Wheelchair-Bound Deliveryman Is Being Praised For Working Hard Despite His Disability

"No reason to slack if this guy here is working hard."

Cover image via Facebook

A physically challenged GrabFood deliveryman in Singapore has garnered public attention after a photo of him working was posted on Friday, 8 March

The photo, which was uploaded by Facebook user Even Teo, is a screenshot of an Instagram story.

Dressed in a GrabFood shirt and holding a GrabFood delivery bag, the wheelchair-bound man was photographed waiting at a traffic light

"No reason to slack if this guy here is working hard," read the caption of the Instagram story.

Image via Facebook

"Give a thumbs up to this champ!" Reven wrote in his Facebook post.

In the comments section of the Facebook post, netizens praised the man for his dedication to continue making an honest living despite his disability

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Many Facebook users also applauded GrabFood for allowing those with physical disabilities the opportunity to work

Image via Facebook

Hardworking people like him really put things in perspective! Here's another deliveryman who doesn't let his disability stand in the way of work:

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