This Foodpanda Rider Isn't Letting His Disability Stop Him From Making An Honest Living

Syahrain works full-time for the food delivery service.

Cover image via @sampockettrade/Twitter & @syahrain_fadzil/Instagram

On 22 December, a Twitter user posted a video of a physically challenged Foodpanda rider that left him feeling inspired

In the post, which has garnered over 8,000 retweets at the time of writing, Twitter user @sampockettrade wrote that, "I am very impressed with this special soul."

According to the Twitter post, Syahrain Fadzil works full-time for the food delivery service for a weekly income of RM600 to RM800

When asked if he faces any issues while doing his job, the rider simply said, "None," explaining that he was "just used to it."

"There's no excuse not to make an honest living and instead beg for money from others," @sampockettrade said in his post.

The rider has been seen by a SAYS reader in Petaling Jaya, skilfully using both his arms to balance his phone while on his bike by the roadside.

In response to the post, netizens applauded Syahrain for his determination to work without complaints

"God has created people like him to be capable of doing anything. Just through different means. May God bless you!" wrote one Twitter user.

Another netizen replied that, "Limitations are no obstacles for those who make an effort to try!"

Watch the full video here:

Well done, Syahrain! You're an inspiration to us all!

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