This Girl Wore A Pasar Malam Dress To KL Fashion Week Because Of A Twitter Challenge

The dress was sold at a stall in Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Cover image via Twitter @harafnaw & Twitter @suhailnawawi

On Friday, on 16 August, Twitter user @harafnaw quoted a viral tweet of a bootleg 'Fila' dress and joked that she would wear it to KL Fashion Week if she got 10 retweets

The dress was in an unflattering shade of beige, had polka dot ruffles in questionable places, and the 'Fila' logo was printed on it in big letters.

Obviously, the dress isn't actually from Fila.

She gained 8,700 retweets in no time.

One of Farah's friends wanted to make sure she kept her word, so he paid someone to find the dress and deliver it to him in time for the fashion show.

One of Farah's best friends, Adam Zainal, told SAYS that when he discovered that the dress was from a pasar malam stall in Kelantan, he was determined to get it delivered to him.

He tweeted that he needed a favour from someone in the Pasir Mas area. Then, a stranger agreed to purchase the dress for him and he paid them RM50 for their service. The dress itself costed him RM18.

The dress arrived safely on Tuesday, 20 August, and Adam personally handed it over to Farah just in time for the fashion show.

The next day, Wan Farah showed up to KL Fashion Week in the infamous dress - and rocked it!

At first, she felt nervous and insecure about her outfit but it was too late to back out.

She wrote in a tweet, "Fashion is about being bold and brave. Challenge accepted! Repping 'rempit couture' at KL Fashion Week."

Here's Farah flaunting the dress at KL Fashion Week:

Netizens were impressed by how great the dress looked on her

One Twitter user said, "If you're pretty, anything you wear will look good! To be honest, I was expecting it to look hideous!"

Another person wrote, "It looks great because you're confident and bold."

"You're so beautiful. You made the dress look expensive. Amazing!" another user exclaimed.

You go, girl!

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