A Guy Shares Photos Of Earphones His Cat Broke And Cat Owners On The Internet Can Relate

Look at all the cute crimeownals.

Cover image via [email protected]

On Tuesday, 20 August, a Twitter user shared two photos side by side - one was of his broken earphones and the other was a photo of his cat who broke it

The tweet by @mesinpuisi has since garnered 9,500 retweets and 10,400 likes.

The tweet prompted other cat owners to share photos of their own naughty kitties, but seriously you just can't get mad at their cute af faces:

One person wrote, "Same situation. Broke my earphones and then pretended to be asleep. I'm so mad but look at how cute [it is]."

This user replied, "Same!"

"It's barely been a week since I've started using it and now it's like this," said another netizen.

Meanwhile, this cat skipped the earphones and broke its owner's glasses instead.

"My cat broke my glasses and I've been blind for two days now," this user wrote.

"Here's the culprit."

At least this cat tried to apologise:

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