Muslim Bridesmaid Wearing A Saree At Her Indian Friend's Wedding Shows Best Of Malaysia

"My single a** now will be attending my friend's wedding as a bridesmaid."

Cover image via Twitter @jasilasyed

One of the best things about Malaysia being a multicultural country is being able to share our traditional clothing with each other - just like this Twitter user has shown

On Sunday, 18 August, Twitter user @jasilasyed shared photos of herself as a bridesmaid for her Indian friend's wedding.

"Twitter saw it first, bridesmaid things Malayalee version," the tweet read.

The tweet has garnered over 800 retweets and 4,400 likes since it was posted.

The 24-year-old hijabi was pictured alongside two other gorgeous Indian women, with the temple in the background

Unlike a typical saree, Jasila's blouse has longer sleeves that almost reach her wrists.

According to one of her replies, the saree was ordered from India.

The stunning photos had netizens tagging their friends to "chup" them as bridesmaids in their future wedding

"When you invite me to your wedding, I'll wear something like this," one netizen told their friend.

"When you get married, I'm going to be your bridesmaid, okay," joked another netizen.

Tagging their friend, a person said, "My single a** now will be attending my friend's wedding as a bridesmaid."

Image via Twitter @Aadhi0

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