These Malaysians Prove That You Can't Put A Price Tag On Style With #BundleChallenge

Netizens fought back against someone who mocked KL Fashion Week attendees for wearing thrifted clothing.

Cover image via Twitter @NurM_N & Twitter @Zaymzrf

A Twitter user recently started a new challenge after someone mocked KL Fashion Week attendees who showed up in bundle store clothing

In response, @yesterdhir wrote, "Can we do a #BundleChallenge looks compilation? I know you all got a lot of good ones." 

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Thrift shop lovers took it online to prove that you don't need to break your bank to be fashionable.

This girl's killer look cost her less than RM50.

Twitter user @NurM_N wrote that her whole outfit was made up of a RM30 blazer, RM3 belt, RM10 fishnet leggings, and old thigh high boots she got from a sale.

Image via Twitter @NurM_N
Image via Twitter @NurM_N
Image via Twitter @NurM_N
Image via Twitter @NurM_N

And don't these outfits look like they're fresh off the runway?

"[Sis] you bet it's all thrifted. Except for my shoes, bags, and shades," said @zaymzrf.

Another user shared that she has been rocking thrifted clothing at KL Fashion Week since last year

@aqilahnaqlis joined in on the #BundleChallenge and said "I wore bundle to last year's KLFW!"

Other netizens who didn't attend KL Fashion Week also joined in on the #BundleChallenge and their outfits will make you want to run to the closest thrift store ASAP.

For example, this girl keeps it stylish and sustainable:

"Ya'll better go and find the crazy treasures bundle [stores] have got to offer. It's sustainable fashion! The planet is dying!" wrote Twitter user @iyzaariff.

And this guy's thrifted outfits give out a dreamy 80's vibe

This person looks like a million bucks in a RM5 dress

And here's a fashion marketing student showing everyone you don't need to spend much at all to look good

This girl gang goes to the thrift store every week to hunt for cheap clothes. Now that's what I call #friendshipgoals.

Even Raya shopping can be super cheap, such as this girl who only spent RM90 for her whole family

Bonus photos! Here's me in a RM3 skirt, RM10 kimono cardigan, and a free work t-shirt :P

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