Kanna Curry House Is Offering A Free iPhone To Anyone Who Works There At Least 6 Months

Other employee benefits include shorter working hours and transport allowance.

Cover image via Shafwan Zaidon/Malay Mail & @kannacurryhousemy (Instagram)

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Kanna Curry House recently put up waiter and waitress job vacancies with attractive benefits, such as free iPhone SEs and shorter working hours

Speaking to SAYS, the South Indian restaurant's manager, Yoga, explained that it has been a challenge to retain local workers for a long period of time, which is what led them to offer these benefits. 

He told Malay Mail that the pandemic had forced many of their foreign workers from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to return home to reunite with their families.

This left the restaurant desperately seeking local employees to fill in the empty positions at all of their seven branches across Klang Valley.

"We usually employ a rotation method where if three workers were to leave to their home country in a month, there would be another three that would be hired — but that came to a halt," he told Malay Mail, explaining that it was difficult due to travel restrictions and increased air fare tickets, among other factors.

To appeal to the locals, Kanna Curry House put up job positions offering reduced working hours, from 9am to 5pm instead of 8am to 8pm daily, with one off day per week

The restaurant also added part-time positions with working hours from 11am to 3pm, six days a week. Malaysians between the ages of 18 and 40 are encouraged to apply.

The wages are currently RM10 per hour

Transport allowance, as well as food and drink are also provided. In addition, there's a 20% discount on all takeaways.

According to Malay Mail, the restaurant has already employed five waiters and they have received their iPhones within the minimum six-month working period.

Kanna Curry House assures customers that the taste of the food remains the same as they are retaining their chefs, and are solely in search of waiters and waitresses.

Interested candidates can reach out to +6016-7132284 (Mr Siva) or +603-79550596 (Ms Yoges).

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