Man Rushes Baby Stroller Onto The Road Then Scolds Oncoming Car For Not Stopping

Many netizens were infuriated by the man's actions as he had the audacity to scold the driver despite him being in the wrong.

Cover image via Penang Kini (Facebook)

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As Malaysians, we are familiar with the power of the hand when crossing the road.

However, a man in Penang has gone viral for using his baby stroller instead.

A video of the man, reportedly taken in George Town on 13 June, shows him standing on the side of the road with several other people, who are said to be his family members.

In the 11-second video, which was caught by a dashcam, the man can be seen suddenly pushing the pram forward in front of a moving vehicle, which caused the car to come to an abrupt halt.

From what can be observed in the video, the stroller appeared to be empty.

As he crosses the road, he angrily signals to the driver to slow down. While waiting to cross another lane, he turns back and, again, scolds the driver with his hand raised.

Many netizens were infuriated by the man's actions as he had the audacity to scold the driver despite him being in the wrong

They said the man's behaviour was dangerous to both his family and the driver on the road.

"He is in the wrong yet he raised his hand at (the driver). He is already endangering his children. Maybe it's a trend now to cross the road all of a sudden and then get angry at other motorists driving straight. No zebra crossing, only know how to scold the car on the road who is in the right," a netizen commented.

"People already gave way, please give some respect as a form of thanks. This kind of people have no manners," one said.

Some netizens also took the opportunity to voice out about issues that are faced in that area, such as the need for a pedestrian crossing and the bad traffic congestion.

"Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) or Penang Island City Council (MBPP), please solve the issue in this area, because it will often be crowded when people want to eat at Restaurant Deen Maju. Vehicles will park wherever they wish. MBPP, please do something," a netizen said.

Another added, "The state authorities should make a pedestrian crossing. It would be easier for people to cross."

Watch the whole ordeal here:

Just last month, another pedestrian in Penang smacked a motorcyclist for running a red light:

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