[VIDEO] Netizens Praise Penang Pedestrian Who Smacked Motorcyclist For Running A Red Light

A TikTok of a pedestrian swinging his bag at a motorcyclist at the zebra crossing for running the red light, is admired by netizens.

Cover image via @penang_kini (TikTok)

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A recent TikTok video uploaded by Penang Kini showing vehicles running a red light at a pedestrian crossing in Ayer Itam, Penang has captured the attention of netizens because of one 'uncle'

In the 17-second dash cam footage, he can be seen waiting to cross the road as a silver Perodua Myvi drove past the crossing.

Just as the uncle began crossing the road, a motorcyclist rides past the red light at the crossing and almost collides into the pedestrian.

Almost instinctively, the uncle then swings his bag at the motorcyclist, almost hitting him in the face.

Luckily, the man was not hurt and proceeded to walk across the road along with the other pedestrians.

Image via @penang_kini (TikTok)

"Please stop and give way to pedestrians when the traffic light is red. Serves you right.." captioned Penang Kini, as a gentle reminder to those on the road to always be mindful and respectful of pedestrians.

Netizens commented how satisfied they were to see the uncle swinging his bag at the motorcyclist

The pedestrian was praised for his actions as netizens believe the motorcyclist deserved it for not obeying the laws of the road and not respecting pedestrians. Some even found the situation hilarious.

A netizen even praised the uncle for having such good reflex.

Sadly, the video is a reminder of the ignorance of Malaysian drivers when it comes to pedestrians and pedestrian crossings.

Watch the clip here:


sila berhenti dan beri laluan kepada pejalan kaki ketika lampu isyarat merah. Kan dh kena.. Area ayer itam, Penang #penangkiniviral #penangkini

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