Golden Retriever Charged For 'Getting Lost' & Gets Adorable Mugshot Taken

Cute criminal.

Cover image via สถานีตำรวจนครบาลลุมพินี (Facebook)

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It's been a difficult lesson for a certain mischievous 'floof' after it recently got lost and 'charged' by police officers

A female Golden Retriever sent Lumpini police in Thailand on a hunt for its owner after it strayed away from home and was found underneath a condominium building on Monday, 16 May.

This was the 'criminal' who got charged:

Police took a mugshot of the lost pup with a notice that read: "Name: Golden Retriever" and "Charge: Getting lost."

The photos were then posted on Lumpini Police's Facebook page in search of the dog's owner.

Meanwhile, the pup was taken back to the police station and given some food to eat, as it patiently waited for its owner to 'bail' it out. 

It even had some time to reflect on its actions...

You can check out the full Facebook post below:

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