VIP Customers Send Money Flying With Supreme Money Gun On The 1st Night Of Club Reopening

A man in the group is said to have prepared RM100,000 to "distribute".

Cover image via Facebook

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On Sunday, 15 May, many Malaysians flocked to nightclubs to officially kickstart the first night of the reopening of entertainment outlets after the sector was forced to close for the past two years

Many clubbers were able to experience the nightlife again and were not shy to go all out to celebrate at these premises that charge alcoholic drinks at exorbitant prices.

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Image via Free Malaysia Today

However, a group of clubbers went overboard with their celebration.

They were criticised for 'making it rain' with a Supreme CashCannon from their seats, causing money to fly around the club.

Based on footage posted by influencer Gatita Yan on her Instagram Stories, a man donning a black T-shirt is seen using a 'money gun' loaded with RM50 notes to send money flying from his seat.

Yan said the man had prepared RM100,000 to "distribute".

The one-minute footage shows him pointing the 'money gun' over a transparent divider from his seat as he sends the banknotes flying towards the crowd.

Yan uses the 'money gun' to shoot banknotes into the air, too, and she thanks the man for lending her the 'money gun' for fun.

Image via Facebook

The group is believed to be very important person (VIP) customers, as their seating area is enclosed and on an elevated platform.

China Press reported that the group was partying at a club in Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Other than Yan, who boasts over 3.1 million followers on Instagram, another influencer with over 900,000 followers is also seen partying with the man

"He is a very capable individual, that is why he gets to be a little bit arrogant," Yan said in a caption.

"I hope people will not attack him. Everyone should appreciate each other's (talents). Everyone is great."

Image via Facebook

A check on the man's Instagram account found that he is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and an investor in non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

In his Instagram Stories posted today, 17 May, the man denied to his followers' questions that he is from a rich family and that he offers cryptocurrency investment classes.

He shared many investment tips with his followers during a question-and-answer session.

Image via Facebook

At the time of writing, the video has gone viral on multiple social media platforms

China Press' Facebook post on the issue has garnered over 1,300 shares and comments, respectively.

The man's actions have drawn mixed reactions from netizens.

"This kind of person is not worthy of respect. They use money to play like that. Sooner or later, money will be the cause of their death," criticised a Facebook user.

"These people went overboard. Where's their sense of morality? Where is the address? When will they distribute (money) again?" a netizen said in jest, suggesting that they would visit the party-goers to collect the money.

"(I assume) these monies cannot go through the bank," accused a person.

Image via Facebook

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