"Cannot Brain" – Family Lies To Home Baker And Cuts Up 3 Cakes Wrongly Delivered To Them

"And they actually said, 'How is this our fault. If the driver sent the cakes to our house then it's our cake lah'," Sonea recounted in disbelief.

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A home baker from Klang recently took to TikTok to let off some steam after a cake delivery she sent out went completely astray

Sonea Edwards, who bakes and sells customised cakes from home, shared that she had her own fair share of accidents during previous deliveries — sometimes cakes topple over or get damaged — but she always tries her best to get them fixed and customers are usually understanding.

"But this time, I cannot understand how this can happen," the 20-year-old said.

"These past few days have been so devastating to me. I've been so sad and so down because something tragic happened to my cakes."

She summed up that a few days ago, she had a delivery of three cakes for a woman's 21st birthday celebration but the delivery driver sent the order to the wrong house.

"So, I went to the house to go get back the cakes. And guess what? The people who received the cakes ate the cakes. They just cut them and ate them. All three cakes."

In subsequent videos, Sonea told the story of how it happened

She said that each cake order to her just happened to be made by different people for the same woman whose birthday was on 6 August – one was from the birthday girl's friends, and the other two, a matching cake and a box of cupcakes, were from her family members.

Sonea had completed the cakes on the day itself and was ready to deliver them to the birthday girl at about 4pm.

"You see, there was even a customised topper with [the birthday girl's] name on it. It's so pretty," the baker said, showing photos of the final products she sent out.

As she was preparing and booking a delivery driver, Sonea was in contact with the birthday girl's sister the whole time

The small business owner kept the customer updated – sending her photos of the cakes and letting her know that they were on the way.

With the driver sending all the cakes at once, nothing seemed amiss when Sonea received a notification that the order was dropped off at 4.15pm.

"The picture the driver sent only showed the customer's hands. But at the back I could see an Indian house, so I assumed it was my customer's house because my customers were Indian," she said, admitting now that she was at fault here for not following up with her customer.

Things started to go wrong when at around 6pm, Sonea received a message from her customer asking where the cakes were.

"I panicked. So I called the driver and asked where he sent it to. I don't really blame the driver. I think it was an honest mistake from the driver's side, but he missed out an alphabet in the road name and sent it to the wrong house, and this house's number was the same as my customer's."

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After the call, Sonea rushed to the new address with her father to get the cakes back

"When I went to the house, there was an Indian lady in front of the house. So, I spoke to her in Tamil, 'Aunty, were there cakes sent to your house just now?'"

Sonea said she knew she had the right house because of the picture the driver had sent her earlier and hoped the woman would not lie to her.

Weirdly, without replying her, Sonea said the Indian woman stood up and went into the house and called all her children to come out.

"Four girls came out. And you could tell from their faces," the baker said. "They all looked so guilty! But when I asked them about the cakes, one of them said 'Oh, my friend sent them to me. Why do you want the cakes back?'"

Shocked, Sonea told them that she was the baker of those cakes and that they were accidentally sent to the wrong house. Again, she asked them where the cakes were.

Sonea said they kept lying but eventually one of them knew they were at fault and told her the truth: that they had cut the cakes

The baker said she asked them desperately if they had at least one full cake she could at least bring back to her customer.

"No, we cut all three cakes and kept them all in plastic containers. But we didn't eat them. Do you want them back?" one of the girls replied.

In her TikTok, Sonea looked exasperated and said, "At this point, I couldn't believe their stupidity and I couldn't brain [the situation]. If something is not yours, don't take it!"

She ranted that the family had so many opportunities to refuse or return the cakes: "My phone number was on all the boxes. And it was three cakes! And the cakes also had the birthday girl's name on them and everything!"

"I didn't know what to do. I just started crying."

The baker said her dad then stepped in, and the girls still refused to admit that they were wrong

"They picked a fight with him. And they actually said, 'How is this our fault. If the driver sent the cakes to our house then it's our cake lah'," Sonea recounted in disbelief.

"I didn't know what to do. I've never seen anyone so stupid in my entire life."

So, Sonea and her father went home. She said she called up her customer and apologised for everything that happened, and offered to buy her a cake for the party, since it was too late in the evening to whip up a cake.

"I was so upset. I called and told the sister what happened but then I was crying. The sister knew I was crying. Then, the birthday girl also started crying," she said, adding that she knew it was her responsibility to make and send the cakes intact.

However, the customer told Sonea not to worry as they had another cake for the night and did not put the blame on her.

The next day, Sonea made a new larger cake for her customer as a replacement. Meanwhile, the baker told SAYS that the other family never paid her back for the ones they stole.

The TikToks have since gone viral with netizens furious with the family she met for their lack of common sense and dishonesty

"It literally had someone else's name on it and they still ate it?" questioned a TikTok user.

"Taking something that is not yours and not returning it back when there were clear contact details is called stealing! Daylight robbery!" commented another.

Meanwhile on Twitter, someone said, "Stupidity at its finest. If it's not yours, don't take. Simple."

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Watch Sonea's TikTok here:


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