Rude Aunty Demands Pastry Chef To Walk 1 Hour To Deliver Her Apple Tart For 'Free'

"Why you sell so expensive tart? Aunty go buy the apple, 14 only for RM10 yesterday," she asked the small business owner.

Cover image via @mapomme__ (Instagram) & Jian Wei Khoo (Facebook)

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A pastry chef based in Selangor took to Facebook to share a WhatsApp conversation with a customer that left him in disbelief

Khoo Jian Wei, the chef and co-owner of Pan and Wine Restaurant in Setia Alam and new Instagram business Ma Pomme, shared the funny encounter on his personal Facebook account.

He jokingly cried for help after the woman posed him a series of insensitive questions and requests regarding the apple tarts he is selling.

"I think this Movement Control Order (MCO) is really making a lot of people crazy," he wrote while laughing.

Khoo shared screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation, which began normally with the aunty asking him how much the apple tarts cost

"I saw on Instagram that you are selling apple tarts, right? It looks so good, do you have a picture of it?" the customer asked him.

She also enquired about the size of the apple tarts and the number of apples he uses to bake one.

Obligingly, Khoo sent her a photo of the dessert and answered, "We are selling it at RM60, excluding delivery fees."

"For the tart, we use Granny Smith green apples so that it's sour and not too sweet when you eat them. We normally use about three apples to make a tart," he said.

However, the woman responded, "Only three apples? Why you sell so expensive tart (sic)?"

"Aunty go buy the apple, 14 only for RM10 yesterday.
Meaning the cost of the apple is only RM2, and you selling at RM60?" she continued.

"Won't that be overcharging? And some more not including free delivery? I stay at Klang only, cannot free delivery? You all earn so much," she said, ending with an angry emoji.

Not to mention the cost of labour, Khoo reasoned that he uses good ingredients and larger apples than the ones found at the market, which was why the price is high

He also explained that his business is located at Setia Alam and he uses third party delivery platforms, so he will charge delivery fees based on their quotes.

However, the woman rudely said: "Your apple got gold?"

She then proceeded to ask him to deliver her a tart by 12pm — three hours away from the time she enquired — and for him to not charge her delivery fees.

"Don't charge me delivery fees ya! Aunty try. If it's nice, I will introduce to my friends, I got lots of aunties in my WeChat. If nice, I will send to them and promote for you," she told him.

After asking him to "make sure" the tarts come out delicious, she added, "When you deliver it, don't press the doorbell ya, my daughter is still sleeping at the moment. She is tired from work, just call me until I pick up your call."

To top it all off, her last message implied that Khoo would not have a problem delivering the tart to her home in Klang by foot

"I stay at Klang Utama, near the Econsave there. Walking distance only. Aunty used to walk to school, so just nearby and you don't charge delivery fees ya. Will support you again if it's nice!" she said.

With a check on Google Maps, Khoo found that the journey would take him an hour of walking.

In the end, Khoo told SAYS that he politely declined her order

"We didn't sell to her because it was too last minute, and we work based on pre-orders. But I just found the way she asked for free delivery very funny," he said.

He added that it was normal for people in the service industry to meet difficult customers, so he was unfazed.

However, since the pandemic has hit everyone hard, he asked for customers to help support small businesses, especially if they think their food is worth it.

The post has garnered over 2,600 shares and comments, with people laughing along at the absurdity of the customer's messages

A Facebook user tagged a friend and asked, "Your customer got ask you how many chickens you use in your chicken rice or not? HAHAHA."

Image via Facebook

While another suggested to Khoo: "Ask her walk to pick up, waive delivery fee too."

Image via Facebook

"I'm glad that my mum doesn't do this and she appreciates the cost and final product by professionals," commented this netizen.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, in case the obvious needed to be pointed out, this netizen commented, "Hello, people sell tart, not sell apple. The tart ingredients, the wages, electricity, water, all these are in the cost."

"If you don't want people to earn, then make by yourself with your RM2 apples."

Image via Facebook

Times are hard. Let's support small businesses and keep them afloat:

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