Here's How You Can Help Promote Penang's Hawker Uncles & Aunties Affected By The Lockdown

Dabao Penang is a community project that was started to help non-tech-savvy hawker owners.

Cover image via @dabaopg (Instagram)

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Many hawker owners, who are not tech-savvy or who do not speak English, have been struggling to make a living and to navigate food delivery services

It's not easy to expect them to just promote themselves on food delivery apps, as most of these services take a 25% to 30% commission, which usually leaves hawkers with only 10% to 20% profit.

On top of that, being at a digital disadvantage makes life harder for many older folks to promote their stalls on social media.

A non-profit initiative called Dabao Penang has been started with an aim to help these hawker uncles and aunties, as they battle with dine-in restrictions and lockdowns.

Here's how you can help:

1. While waiting for your dabao order, you can snap photos or videos of the stall, the hawker, the location, and the menu, and ask about operation hours and for their contact number.

2. Submit the details via their submission form link on their Instagram or Facebook so others can discover new hawkers.

3. Follow Dabao Penang on social media so you can discover and support these hawkers by dabaoing or pre-ordering your next meal from them.

If you'd like to share about a hawker or check out DabaoMap with all the stalls in your vicinity, click here.

It takes just a few minutes to help the hawker community and it just might save their livelihoods. Together, let's support each other!

Even if you're not in the Penang area, here are other ways you can help the needy and those who have lost their jobs:

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