Are You Pregnant Or Know Someone Who Is? This PJ Stall Will Give You Free Durians & Cendol

Pregnant women can claim a free durian per day at the stalls with no questions asked.

Cover image via AFP via The ASEAN Post & Rizky Durian (Facebook)

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After promising his mother that he would spread his kindness to others once he becomes successful, a durian stall owner decided to give away free durians

According to New Straits Times, Rizki Adri Andri Zainintawa, a 29-year-old durian stall owner, will be giving away free durians to pregnant women throughout the durian season.

Rizki — who runs two durian stalls in Petaling Jaya, namely in Kota Damansara and Taman Medan, and another stall in Gombak, Selangor — said that this is his way of honouring the promise he made to his mother.

He has been giving free durians to expectant mothers every durian season since two to three years ago after he had an encounter with a pregnant woman at his stall in Taman Medan.

"She was craving durian but could not afford it. I called her over and asked if she wanted some of the fruit, to which she said yes," said Rizki.

There are no conditions for pregnant mothers to claim a free durian.

"All they need to do is tell my staff, 'I am pregnant.' No questions asked," said Rizki.

Expectant mothers can claim one free durian of any variety per day and return to his stall the next day to claim another. He said that they are even free to choose the IOI Hajah Hasmah or Udang Merah variety.

Rizki told New Straits Times that he does not limit the number of pregnant mothers who can claim a free durian a day at his stalls. 

Along with the King of Fruits, at his Kota Damansara stall, he even adds in a free durian cendol for expectant mothers.

Rizki added that he understands food cravings during pregnancy as his wife is currently pregnant with their second child.

For more information, visit Rizky Durian's Facebook post here.

I believe in giving as sincerely as I can, and nothing should hold me back. There are plenty of durians to eat. I will not be at a loss with this giveaway. It is worth it.

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