Guy Shows The 'Correct' Way To Open Mangosteens That Won't Make A Mess

Kampung style.

Cover image via @pojanahayat (TikTok)

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Mangosteens are probably one of the most addictive fruits to enjoy. But one downside is that they can cause quite a mess at times.

If not carefully handled, the inner layer of the fruit's purplish rind can get all over your hands and stain clothes easily.

But this method of opening mangosteens just might prevent that.

A guy recently showed how he opens mangosteens without making a mess

In a viral TikTok, Pojanahayat explains that people normally squeeze or knock the fruit until it opens which he says is not the "right" way.

Instead, he demonstrates a 'kampung method', which is to press the mangosteen's top green bit slightly downwards

In the video, the fruit then splits open easily, without squishing or getting stains everywhere.

He then peels off the outer layer and retrieves the whole fruit intact. 

And then pops the entire thing into his mouth!

Several Malaysians took to the comments expressing how in all of their years of living, this is the first time they've seen someone open mangosteens this way

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Watch the full video below:

How do you normally open mangosteens? Let us know!

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