This Viral Hack Shows How To Remove Stubborn Adhesive Stickers Using Minyak Cap Kapak

"Now my laptop smell like my Ah Gong." :')

Cover image via u/chocalicorn (Reddit) & @thesilentreviewer (TikTok)

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Have you ever been left with sticky residue after removing adhesive stickers from items like laptops and cupboards?

When left as it is, the remaining stickiness always collects dust and hairs, and is just downright annoying.

Of course, you don't always have to remove these stickers but if you want them to look aesthetically clean, there are several ways you can get rid of them with household items.

A recent viral TikTok explains that one way you can remove these stubborn stains is by using a medicated ointment

In the TikTok, @thesilentreviewer uses Minyak Angin Cap Kapak by rubbing it onto the adhesive residue on a laptop. 

After rubbing it in for a bit, all of the adhesive begins to come off. With a tissue, they wipe it off and it's clean!

The user explains that the colour difference or 'tan line' will only be noticeable for awhile and will eventually blend in with the rest of the laptop.

Since the TikTok went viral, one person had a cheeky response:

While several shared other ways to remove stubborn adhesive stickers, like using baby oil, makeup remover, cooking oil, or any type of oil

Some also said that they use hand sanitiser or lotion.

Image via TikTok

If you're not a fan of these smells, one person explained that you can use a hair dryer to warm it up and carefully peel it off. On some materials, even an eraser might work.

Optionally, you can get a sticker removal spray from MR DIY, Goo Gone, or lighter fluid from any hardware store.

A couple of others suggested using acetone (like nail polish remover) or alcohol swabs if you happen to have them at home. Just be mindful to immediately wipe it clean after or it might affect the item, especially plastic.

There are many ways to remove these stubborn adhesives in a clean fashion. Let us know what works for you!

Here are some other unlikely cleaning agents:

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