Can't Open That Stuck Jar Lid? This Hack Might Help

For those really stubborn lids.

Cover image via @hannanimakhtar (TikTok)

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Got a stubborn jar lid you can't seem unscrew? No matter how hard you try, it just won't budge.

Well, this hack could help.

In a recent TikTok by @hannanimakhtar, which has been played over 94,000 times, she shows an easy method to open a jar if the lid is stuck.

Hannani wrote that she learnt the hack from a student who works at a pizza parlour.

Using the back of a knife or butter knife (to be safer), she gently taps the side of the lid a couple of times around the edge so that it leaves a slight dent

If you're worried about the knife slipping out of your hands, other videos online explain that using the back of a butter knife works as well. 

Of course, be extra careful when you're doing this as you don't want the knife to slip out of your hands or end up knocking the jar too hard until it breaks. 

After you've made the dents, it should make the jar lid easier to open!

Depending on the type of jar, one person commented that sometimes even one small dent is good enough.

Image via TikTok

Of course, there are other ways to open a stubborn jar lid. Some suggested to just run it under hot water instead.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Watch our team use a similar knife hack to open coconuts:

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