We Tried This Viral Quick Hack To Remove An Avocado Pit And It Actually Works

No knife stabbing needed.

Cover image via @_mynameischo (TikTok)

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Whenever we eat avocado, the most common way to remove the seed is by stabbing a knife into it and pulling it out

However, a sushi chef on TikTok, who goes by the name Cho, went viral after sharing a life-changing hack that doesn't require any knife. 

All he does is place the avocado pit in between his index fingers and uses his thumb to pop the seed out from the back. So easy and quick!

It looked too good to be true so we decided to try it out for ourselves to see if it really works

Using a sharp knife, we sliced the avocado in half like normal.

Image via SAYS

Then, with his method, we placed our index fingers in between the seed and used our thumb to pop the seed out. And it worked!

Take note that we only tried this once and the avocado was ripe and ready to be cut. 

If you end up accidentally squishing it a little as we did, you can just chop it up or make guacamole instead of cutting it into neat slices.

Alternatively, Cho later shared that you can pop the seed out from the back using a butterknife as well

Try any of these methods out and let us know if it works! For more kitchen life hacks, check out these stories:

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