Here's How To Use Your Smartphone As A Webcam So You Don't Have To Buy One

This is for the ones with low quality webcams.

Cover image via @mochaenthusiast (TikTok)

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A good webcam is an essential tool to have while we are staying at home to curb the pandemic.

Whether it's for work, online class, or for a virtual game night with friends, interacting on video has become a necessity.

However, if you do not have one, TikTok user Rara Zakrul has shared a free and easy hack to turn your smartphone into a webcam.

As a student, Rara realised that many of her classmates do not switch on their webcams during class. While it's usually not compulsory to turn it on, she told SAYS that maybe some do not own webcams or had a faulty one on their laptop.

"So I made this video with the intention of helping those who need a webcam without having to spend extra money," she said.

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Image via Chris Montgomery/Unsplash

Whether you're using an Android or an iPhone, the student shared that all you have to do is download an app called DroidCam

"This is for the ones with low quality or low angle webcams, or for those who just don't want to buy a webcam," said Rara.

According to her video, these are the steps to set up your phone as a webcam for free:
- Download the DroidCam client on your computer
- Download the DroidCam app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone
- Connect your phone to your computer through Wi-Fi or USB cable
- Launch your videoconferencing app and change the camera (and microphone, if your microphone is faulty too) input to DroidCam

And there you have it! Whether you're on Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype, your computer should immediately start displaying video from your phone's camera.

The video has since amassed over 1.2 million views, with hundreds of netizens thanking her for the life hack

"Bro, I'm literally in online class right now and have no camera. Thank you," said a fellow TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

Another said, "Oh my God, you are a life saver. I am always too insecure to switch on video on my laptop because my camera shows my double chin. Thank you so much!"

Image via TikTok

This Tiktok user also said, "Thank you for this! If not, everyone will only be seeing my nostrils during class."

Image via TikTok

Watch Rara explain it in her TikTok here:


saja try tutorial from tiktok ni. for those yang nak good quality of 'webcam'. #onlineclass #forfun #fyp #xyzbca

original sound - Josh Lepulu

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