Malaysian Shares Viral Method That Nurses Use To Keep Their Uniforms Looking White

Several others revealed that it also works on bloodstains.

Cover image via Leena Hassan (Facebook)

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A Malaysian shared a life hack that apparently works wonders to keep your white clothes always looking fresh and clean

An old viral post in 2018 shared by Facebook user Leena Hassan resurfaced on social media recently, explaining how the method works. It has been shared over 240,000 times since.

She wrote that she asked her cousin who works as a nurse, "What is the secret to keeping their uniforms always looking so white?" Hassan said she had used different types of bleach to whiten clothes but they never came close to this method that her cousin had shared with her.

According to her, all you need is a bar of soap and a grater

First, grate the soap into your washing machine, add water and a little bit of detergent, then soak your white clothes in it overnight.

She added that she likes using Lux rose soap because of its smell. 

The following day, just wash your clothes in the washing machine like normal. And that's it!

She explained that you don't need to scrub or do anything else, and your clothes will remain white and clean.

In a repost by Facebook page Selangor My Hometown, several shared that the method works for them, especially on period/bloodstains. 

"If a woman's clothes are stained with blood, they can be washed with a soap bar. It is easy to wash off the blood. Actually, no specific soap is needed, just a soap bar. If the bloodstain has been left there for too long, you can apply the soap and soak it. After a few hours, pick it up and rub the bloodstain until it disappears. Sanitary cloths can also be cleaned in this way as long as you don't use hot water to wash it because blood will solidify when it comes into contact with hot water," one person commented.

Image via Facebook

Another person commented: "I tried it and it worked really well. I was once injured and my clothes were stained with blood. I used Lux soap to clean them. They got cleaned up very quickly and they were very fragrant."

Image via Facebook

You can read the full post below:

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