Guys Show 'Correct' Way To Wrap Towels After Showering. Asians: "That's A Sarong Bro"

Are you a towel 'tucker' or a towel 'roller'?

Cover image via Brayden Singley (Instagram) , @sidneyraz (TikTok) , kainpelekatsarong

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So you've just got out of the shower and are about to wrap yourself in a towel

How do you wrap it?

Are you someone who tucks in the corner and hopes for the best or do you roll the top bit down for maximum safety? 

Image via GIPHY

A couple of guys have recently gone viral after discovering the "correct way" of wrapping a towel

Instead of tucking in the edge, Brayden Singley posted a video of himself rolling the towel down then running around to prove how it doesn't fall. 

TikTok user @sidneyraz shares the same realisation, wishing he had known the "rolling" method earlier in life.


years and years of realization right here #inmy30s #towel

original sound - sidneyraz

Now you might be thinking, "Isn't that pretty common knowledge?"

However, many also shared in the comments how this was the first time they had seen this towel wrapping method.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, Asians felt otherwise.

Several explained how people on this side of the world have been using this type of towel wrapping for years, especially for sarongs or lungis.

Guess it goes to show how some things that might be common knowledge for some may be completely new to someone else.

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