Person Earning RM1.5K Asks For Money-Saving Tips After Buying New Alza For RM900/Month

"Lick your new car, then you'll feel full."

Cover image via Jacaranda FM & Perodua

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Have you ever desperately wanted that new, expensive handbag? What about those pair of shoes that just hit the stand days ago?

However, do you also remember that dose of reality known as your bank account balance?

Nice things are more commonly referred to as a 'luxury' item for a reason — they don't come by often. And while many of us would love to don the hottest item on our bodies, in our houses, or in our driveways, it isn't always the case for those that need the pay cheque for more serious things. 

On 28 July, an anonymous Facebook user submitted a rather intriguing post on the community page, Semakan Online. The platform is dedicated to assisting Malaysians with various methods of financial aid provided by the government. 

In translation, the alleged buyer wrote the following:

"My loan for the new Perodua Alza has been approved. I repeat, the NEW Perodua Alza. Monthly repayment of RM900++. My salary is RM1,500. Does anyone have any tips on tying your waist, and saving money on food?"

The cost of the car takes up a whopping 60% of the user's salary, leaving them with a balance of only RM600 a month after the car payment alone

According to car news provider and reviewer, WapCar, the price range for a brand new Perodua Alza begins at RM62,500 — and that is just for the base model. The prices vary for the mid-range version at RM68,000, while the highest range for the 2022 model stacks up at RM75,000.

Known for its chic and lavish exterior, the seven-seater vehicle comes with a seamless CVT gear transmission (otherwise known as continuously variable transmissions) and a 106 horsepower system (yeah, it's powerful).

Irresistible to some? Maybe. Unaffordable to many? Probably.

Promotional photo of the Perodua Alza 2022.

Image via Perodua

Many people were confused, outraged, and simply entertained by this confession, taking to the comment section to express their feelings

"Some people will do anything to look cool," one user said. "Might as well not have bought the car at all if you're going to spend the next nine years strapping your waist."

Another user even poked fun and told the confessor to abstain from food, or fast on certain days. Therefore, they will receive blessings and save money at the same time.

One user took this a step even further, funnily suggesting that the user stare at the car whenever they feel hungry, God willing that it would be enough to keep them full.

One user's advise seem to come a little too late, suggesting the alleged buyer purchase a Proton Saga instead, as it works well, and wouldn't put them in debt.

The funniest of them all had to go to a user who gave a rather remarkable solution to the hunger problem, "Just buy a bicycle, don't buy the [Perodua] Alza. Then, you'll be able to eat!"

Some comments even questioned the legitimacy of this confession — whether it was real, or whether someone was pulling a practical joke

Nonetheless, certain model citizens stepped in and gave genuinely good advise to the anonymous user for their struggles

One person commented under the post telling the buyer to use their new Alza as a tool to earn more money.

Somewhat setting a chain from that comment, another person told the apparent purchaser to start working part-time as a Grab driverHe went on to say that he works as a Grab driver, and that his salary from the labour hasn't wavered thus far.

Others instead encouraged the anonymous confessor to do odd jobs or start his own business, as it may see a growth in income to supplement their living situation.

Another person went on to tell the user to work hard and not complain, "Put aside feeling tired and exhausted. If we have to go hungry here and there, let it be — just don't let it reach a point where your family goes hungry too."

Sending purely uplifting statements, certain users kept the positivity flowing, adding their own tidbits of advise while motivating the user to stay strong.

Click here to view the full Facebook post.

Would you ever spend this much money on a luxury item? Let us know!

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