"Must Be Below 53KG" – Outrageous Job Ad Perplexes Malaysians With Demanding Requirements

The employer also warned applicants who are not "pleasing to the eye" to refrain from sending photos of themselves to him.

Cover image via Facebook & SAYS/Imgflip

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A job advertisement recently began circulating on Facebook due to the outrageous demands its employer seemed to have for his applicants

According to a Facebook post by a perplexed netizen, the job posting is looking for applicants to fill the position of an experienced personal chef cum nanny.

The advertisement reads, "The applicant must be fair, thin (less than 53kg), very fit, healthy, well-mannered, works and walks fast, and younger than 35."

Applicants also need to be single to apply. The employer said anyone who is interested in the position is required to send a photo of themselves with their application.

However, the employer also warned potential applicants who "are not healthy, not pleasing to the eye, and who work and walk slow" to refrain from sending him their photos for the job application.

He also discouraged applicants who did not meet his requirements to "not even consider" messaging him to try out for the job.

Image via Facebook

The position is located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and the ad states that the job will entail cooking and caring for his children

Anyone who is hired for the position will be required to cook two to three meals a day and the food must be prepared quickly and be "delicious". They will also be expected to assist with confinement needs.

A confinement period is when a woman who has just given birth dedicates one month to healing her body. Depending on each individual, an older female relative or confinement nanny will assist the woman during this period, such as cooking nutritious meals and taking care of the newborn for her. 

The ad also mentioned that the employee must have a passport that will allow them to travel overseas.

The job ad also states that the employee will receive a monthly salary of RM3,500 with a yearly salary increment of RM500. The employee will be required to stay at the employer's residence and will be provided with their own bedroom and bathroom. 

Interested applicants could contact a Mr Lee with the email and contact number provided at the bottom of the job ad.

Netizens were shocked, to say the least, after reading the copious requirements an applicant had to fulfil in order to secure the position

One Facebook user jokingly said that this position had more requirements than a Miss World contest. 

Image via Facebook

Others stated that it would be less of a hassle if the employer just bought a robot with the RM3,500 they were offering instead of searching for a human candidate to fill the position.

Image via Facebook

SAYS has reached out to the owner of the job advertisement to uncover more information about the posting

Through e-mail correspondence, Mr Lee stated that this job posting was advertised 12 years ago and that he had indeed found a suitable candidate to fill the position. 

However, upon probing him about the reason for the multitude of requirements that were expected of an applicant, no further answers were provided.

The phone number provided in the job advertisement is also no longer in service.

If we had to guess, the candidate that managed to get the position would probably have been someone like Super Woman

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