These 6 Portable WiFis Can Help You Stay Connected When You Go Travelling Overseas

WiFi is life.

Cover image via PC Depot & prolink

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A portable WiFi modem brings a lot of convenience and flexibility to someone who's traveling

Whether you're going off somewhere short term or long term, a pocket WiFi can be a great investment to your Internet surfing needs. 

However, before you get one, make sure your carrier has portable WiFi support, and ensure that the portable WiFi  modem you're getting can be accessed by your carrier, too!

Here are six portable WiFis that can be worth your while:

1. prolink PRT7011L | RM169 - RM225

Image via prolink

This portable device provides data transfers of up to 150Mbps and user-sharing of up to 16 people! :O Not only that, its powerful 2000mAh battery is able to last for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Additionally, it supports all local and overseas telcos such as M unifi Air, unifi Mobile, unifi BEBAS Unlimited, Maxis Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited, Celcom XPAX, DiGi, YES 4G, XOX, Tune Talk Unlimited, Yoodo Unlimited, and more.

You can get it on Shopee.

2. tp-link M7350 | RM259

Image via PC Depot

The tp-link M7350 is able to support a number of local telcos such as Digi, Celcom, Yoodoo, Maxis, and more. Additionally, it also comes with a built-in app called tpMifi which allows users to navigate it seamlessly. 

You can also connect it with up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices and packs a whopping 2,000mAh battery that can last up to eight hours. 

You can get it on Shopee.

3. prolink DL720-3E | RM239

Image via prolink

This portable modem brings you fast and uninterrupted connection speeds of up 300Mbps with 4G LTE connection. Connect with up to 16 devices and enjoy a long-lasting battery life of up to 25 hours with a large and dedicated 5,200mAh battery. 

It even functions as a power bank when your other electronics are low in battery. 

You can get it on Shopee.

4. D-Link DWR-932C E1 | RM189

This portable WiFi modem from D-Link boasts five hours of battery life and a pocket-size that is convenient to bring around anywhere. It even has a built-in firewall to keep unwanted connections at bay.

It's also compatible with Unfi Mobile, Digi, U Mobile, Maxis, Yoodoo, Celcom, and more.

You can get it on Shopee.

5. Tenda 4G185 | RM155

Image via Tenda

The Tenda 4G185 is able to reach speeds of up to 150Mbps, which means it can download movies or videos seamlessly. You can also connect it with up to 10 devices, and have 10 hours of battery life with a powerful 2,100mAh battery. 

Compact, elegant, and nicely designed with a small and colourful screen, the modem is also easy on the eyes. 

You can get it on Shopee.

6. tp-link M7000 | RM215

Image via CHIP

Yet another portable modem from tp-link, this device supports the latest generation 4G and LTE that are compatible with most countries and regions.

It also has 150Mbps download speeds, 50Mbps upload speeds, and a 2,000mAh battery capable of running of up to eight hours. 

You can get it on Shopee.

If you don't think you'll use a portable WiFi enough to buy it, you can choose to rent it as a service too!

A lot of companies provided rental WiFi services for people who want to use pocket WiFi short term. Some of these include SamuraiWiFi and Travel Recommends that provide daily rates. 

They divide it by countries and you can choose the dates you wanna opt for the service, and they'll provide it to you. 

If you're travelling, you may wanna know the different payment options you can opt for while you're overseas:

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