7 Best Car Mounts You Can Get From Shopee And Lazada For Under RM70

Now you can safely navigate on Waze and Google Maps while driving!

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1. Basseus 360-Degrees Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder | RM18.99

Image via Baseus

This convenient car mount comes with an adhesive pad so it can stick to the dashboard.

Beyond its easy installation, the car mount also features a magnet you can place at the back of your phone

Compatiblity: Universal, you just need to place the magnet iron on the back of your phone.

You can get it on Shopee.

2 . REMAX RM-C50 Phone Holder | RM24.50

This car mount features 360-degree free rotation and an adjustable height and display angle. It's a good and stable mount against bumps! To install, you just need to stick it to your dashboard.

Compatibility: 4-inch to 7-inch devices. 

You can get it on Shopee and Lazada.

3. OXTRA Premium Car Phone Holder V3 | RM62.91

Image via TRAPO

This car mount is more on the expensive side, but for good reason. It is solid and sturdy thanks to its durable aluminium expansion. It also uses a mechanism that utilises gravity to keep your phone in place.

You can just slide it in into your car's aircond vent to install it. It even comes with a supporting 'chin' to prevent your phone from tipping over.

Compatibility: Suitable for phones with 11mm thickness or less. 

You can get it on Shopee and Lazada.

4. Baseus Car Air Vent Phone Holder | RM20.90


This model is ideal if you're looking for an air vent car mount that's more on the affordable side!

According to Baseus, it's contact surface is also reduced by 60%, so that it won't block cold air coming out of the air conditioner.

: 4.7-inch to 6.5-inch phones.

You can get it on Shopee.

5. UGREEN Gravity Stand Car Phone Holder | RM26.23

This UGREEN gravity stand car mount is equipped with a thickened suction cup and sturdy hook which makes it able to be flexibly installed in numerous places, from dashboards to windshields.

Additionally, it also comes with a locking button to guarantee a secure fit for your mobile phone.

Compatibility: 4.7-inch to 7.12-inch phones.

You can get it on Shopee.

6. Aukey HD-C50 Car Phone Holder Dashboard | RM31

The Aukeu HD-C50 can be fixed securely when you place it on a dashboard with a flat surface. And even if your dashboard is slightly curved or uneven, they provide an additional sticker base to solve the issue.

It features a 360-degree rotating and pivoting ball joint that give you an ideal viewing angle.

4-inch to 6.5-inch phones.

You can get it on Shopee and Lazada.

7. Fonken Car Phone Holder | RM5.50

The cheapest option in this list, this mini stand can support your phone horizontally and vertically and can be rotated 360 degrees. It comes with a cable buckle, and you can move it around with just one hand. 

Compatibility: Phones under 6 inches.

You can get it on Shopee.

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