10 Things You Can Relate To If You're A HUGE Football Fan

How crazy are you for football?

  • 1. You're looking forward to your favourite team's next football match even before the current one ends

  • 2. A football match to other people is a full 90-minute workout to you

    • Heart pumping, adrenaline racing, jumping up and down, screaming, cheering, and singing are all part of the workout.

  • 3. All your small talk starts with, "Did you watch the match last night?"

    • Easiest conversation in the world if you're talking to a fellow fan, complete dead-end if the person doesn't watch football though...

  • 4. You're checking scores of other matches while watching a match

  • 5. Even if you caught the match the night before, you'll still watch the highlights the next day

  • 6. You don't even think twice about staying up at 3am to watch your favourite team play

  • 7. If you're extra pro, you schedule your life around the match fixtures

    • That includes taking calculated naps before late night matches, setting your alarm for 2am matches, and keeping your weekends clear so you can enjoy the footie in peace.

  • 8. You've definitely gone to work late the day after a big match

  • 9. People know to stay far away from you when your favourite team is playing

    • You turn into a whole other person tbh.

  • 10. You're part of a fantasy football league

  • And most importantly, you would agree that watching a match live with friends is probably the best experience ever

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