Foreigner In Langkawi Goes Viral For Wearing DIY 'Tenet' Mask While Getting Vaccinated

"We live in a twilight world."

Cover image via Harian Metro & Langkawi kini (Facebook) via Oh! Media (Facebook)

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*cue suspenseful score from a Christopher Nolan film *

A foreigner in Malaysia was spotted wearing a Tenet mask while getting his dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last month.

Photos of the foreigner wearing a snorkelling mask while getting vaccinated at the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) Sport Complex have gone viral on Facebook

Based on the photos, the man was wearing a snorkelling mask that was connected to what seems to be a 5L water bottle. An N95 face mask was seen inside the water bottle.

Speaking to Harian Metro, Langkawi district health officer Dr Mansor Ismail confirmed that the foreigner was spotted wearing the snorkelling mask while waiting at the COVID-19 vaccination centre (PPV).

"Yes, it is true that the foreign man was present to receive the vaccine injection at the PPV LADA Sport Complex two days ago (25 May)," Mansor said.

"It is understood that he received a call to receive the vaccine injection through the MySejahtera application."

Image via Harian Metro

Mansor said the man was dressed normally, completed with a face mask, while registering at a counter at the premises

The man only started pulling out the snorkelling mask from a bag during his monitoring session.

"In fact, based on the information given to the health workers, the man did not suffer from any respiratory-related illness," he said.

Mansor added that his team did not know why the man did as such to the extent of attracting the attention of many people.

At the time of writing, a Facebook post carrying the photo has garnered over 23,000 likes and 2,100 shares

While many netizens found the photo amusing, a sizeable of them lauded the man for taking an extra step to stay safe.

"This man is good. He is not trying to make himself a joke. He must be the type (of people) who really takes care of himself and complies with the SOPs (standard operating procedures), or has high-risk diseases. So [he is] more careful. Salute him even though he knows he will become a laughing stock," a Facebook user commended.

Image via Facebook

"(Maybe) he belongs to the high-risk group. He was trying to reduce the possibility of infection. Let him be. That's his effort. Why want to trivialise it?" one person commented.

Image via Facebook

"I don't want to laugh because I know this matter is serious. Let them wear masks in any way they want as long as everyone takes on the responsibility to take care of themselves and avoids getting infected. Most important is to always make the best choice," another netizen added.

Image via Facebook

Late last month, Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah encouraged people to wear double face masks:

Here is how you can do it:

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