McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free Chicken Muffins On National Breakfast Day!

Look out for the Golden Muffin worth RM200...

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This Spotlight is sponsored by McDonald's Malaysia

The highly anticipated McDonald’s National Breakfast Day is back and even more awesome than before

This has got to be the single best reason to set your alarm and wake up early!

McDonald's will be giving away 1,000 Chicken Muffins for free

Just imagine biting into that warm, freshly toasted English muffin, topped with crispy chicken patty and a slice of mouth-watering cheese. Mmmm! Makes waking up early totally worth it.

When: 24th October 2016
Time: 7am to 10am
Offer: 1,000 FREE Chicken Muffins at every participating McDonald’s restaurant nationwide!

Plus you can complete your breakfast at a fraction of the original price with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea, and delicious hash browns

For just RM2.00 you can pair your Chicken Muffin with an aromatic cup of coffee or tea, or add-on RM3.00 to get both a hot beverage AND hash browns.

(You know hash browns are the BEST part of a McD breakfast!)

And be on the lookout for the coveted Golden Muffin, there will only be ONE per restaurant

If your Chicken Muffin is The Golden Muffin, you'll receive an exclusive McD gift certificate worth RM200. That’s like a 1-month supply of McDonald’s breakfast for you to enjoy :O

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So set your alarm and get ready to head to McD for a chance to get the Golden Muffin

Let’s Senang Pagi-Pagi with McDonald’s National Breakfast Day this 24th October. Find out more at

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