Maxis Offers The iPhone 7 From As Low As RM70 If You Trade In Your Phone

You can trade-in ANY working smartphone.

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Did you miss the pre-order window for the new iPhone7?

Apple fans can now get a brand new iPhone 7 from as low as RM70 by trading in any working smartphone.

Dependent on the value of the smartphone you trade-in, you can save up to RM1,560 on a new iPhone 7.

So if you have any working smartphones lying around at home, bring it to your nearest Maxis Centre and trade-up for a money-saving deal.

Here's an example:
With the MaxisONE Plan 188, a 32GB iPhone 7 will set you back RM1,630.
By trading in an iPhone 6s, you receive a RM1,560 rebate. Meaning you only pay RM70 upfront for the new iPhone 7.

Of course, you will also receive all the extras with the MaxisONE Plan

This includes:
- Up to 20GB of data
- Free calls & SMS
- Free 5GB data with every supplementary line
- Free 5GB video streaming data

You also no longer have to waste time traveling store-to-store to find the iPhone 7 is sold out

Maxis has launched the Maxis RealView™ stock-checker, which allows you to check hourly updates on nearby stores that stock your preferred phone model and colour.

In this way, customers can avoid out-of-stock situations and proceed directly to the store that has the exact phone specs they desire.

Check available stock now.

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