These Coffee-Whisky Cocktails Will Give A Helluva Kick To Your Drab Day

What a way to start your day!

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It seems that everyone has already jumped onto the artisanal coffee bandwagon, and although it's an amazing caffeinated journey, you gotta wonder... What's next?

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There are certainly ways to bring it to the next level, and that's what we'll witness in the collaboration between Coffex Coffee and Singleton Selects

Singleton Selects has been actively creating a creative F&B movement with their inceptions of unique eat-drink experiences for Malaysians. They recently kickstarted with a whisky-infused ice cream bar and they're back to breaking boundaries again. This time around, they're infusing whisky to... coffee!

This new collaboration between Singleton Selects and Coffex Coffee explores the fusion of the flavours of rich, dark coffee mixed with smooth single malt whiskies for the perfectly-balanced artisanal cocktails.

There's a method to the madness of it all. Mixologist, Kelvin Lee, holds the key to the secret and art of mixing coffee and whisky, creating four exclusive cocktail flavours.

Mixologist Kelvin Lee, one of the specialists in town commissioned by Coffex Coffee to explore the boundaries of flavour working his magic.

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By fusing Coffex Coffee's premium fresh coffee beans with The Singleton’s distinct expressions, Kelvin Lee came up with four different interpretations of coffee-whisky cocktails. Each cocktail features a Singleton variant:

1. The Singleton: Ethiopia Style – The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 Years, with espresso syrup made with Coffex Ethiopia Limu Agora Yukro, honey dew, chocolate syrup, lemon juice and egg white.
2. The Singleton Presso-Tini – The Singleton of Glen Ord 15 Years, with Coffex Ethiopia Limu Agaro Yukro, Earl Grey syrup, lemon juice, and white marshmallow.
3. The Singleton Naughty Butter – The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Years with Coffex Ethiopia Limu Hunda Oli, peanut butter, and macadamia nut syrup.
4. The Singleton Kopi Ais – The Singleton of Glen Ord Signature with espresso ice cubes made with Coffex Ethiopia Limu Hunda Oli, and agave syrup.

The Singleton: Ethiopia Style, The Singleton Presso-Tini, The Singleton Naughty Butter, The Singleton Kopi Ais.

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This is definitely right up the alley of not just the coffee and whisky aficionados, but also those who aren't afraid to explore new and experimental flavours

Consumers are demanding for more sophisticated tastes, it is no longer just about getting a caffeine fix. For the Singleton Selects project, we experimented the various possibilities of pairing The Singleton whiskies with our single origins coffee beans, and we’re very excited to share the final menu with everyone. Expect nothing less than a premium blend of perfectly balanced, ultra-smooth coffee-whisky cocktails!” shared Kelvin Ngow, Executive Director of Coffex Coffee Malaysia.

With these combinations of good coffee and whisky, Singleton Selects hopes to appeal and open up the world of those who are new to malt whisky

“Singleton Selects is a platform for us to welcome the new generation of whisky drinkers, particularly for those who are new to malt whisky, to witness the immaculate versatility of The Singleton through innovative pairing and savour the great taste,” said Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director, Diageo Brands of Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia.

The range of The Singleton Glen Ord single malt Scotch whiskies available in Malaysia.

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The Singleton Selects x Coffex Coffee menu will be available at Crime Cocktail Bar from 1 Sept - 30 Nov 2016, for a three-month duration

The Singleton Kopi Ais, The Singleton: Ethiopia Style, The Singleton Naughty Butter, The Singleton Presso-Tini.

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Crime Cocktail Bar
E-1-09 Electric Boulevard, Lot 436 TREC,
Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Coffex Coffee, the official coffee partner, is an established and prestigious specialty coffee roaster since 1959, known for its consistent and reliable blends. To keep up with the current trends, Coffex Coffee are always on top of the game with their dynamic concepts and stylish design.

Go grab your buddy now and enjoy a glass - or two - to rewind! ;)

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About the Singleton

With nearly 200 years of whisky making history, The Singleton range consists of Single Malt Scotch Whisky from three distilleries: Glen Ord, Dufftown and Glendullan. Operating since 1838, Glen Ord is the oldest distillery and the only highlander in The Singleton family. A product of Black Isle’s barley, The Singleton Glen Ord is available in Malaysia in four variants - Signature, 12 year old, 15 year old and 18 year old. All The Singleton whiskies are smooth and perfectly balanced.

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