Coffee Etiquette: Proper Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee In 8 Different Countries

Did you know that coffee was originally eaten?

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Coffee — one of the most popular beverages — is called, prepared, served and consumed differently around the world. Many countries in the world have coffee intertwined with their tradition and culture.

Coffee consumption is almost always associated with social interaction, and every country has its own customs regarding when and how to enjoy coffee.

Coffee is actually a fruit. The beans are seeds of red berries that grow on trees. Did you know that coffee was originally eaten?

Ancient Coffee Energy Balls.

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African tribes used to make “power balls” out of coffee beans and fat, and eat them when they needed a little energy boost.

Nowadays, we don’t eat it (unless we use it as an ingredient in some delicious treat such as cake or ice-cream), but we surely enjoy drinking it when our energy levels drop.

So to be sure that you know the right way to drink this popular beverage in any country you happen to visit, take a look at the infographic below.

It illustrates useful and fun facts and tips on how to enjoy coffee in several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, along with some general guidelines on what is not an acceptable coffee drinking behaviour:

This infographic is the collaborative work of the creative team at Food Packaging Labels, a group of enthusiasts who want to make printing quality labels as easy and cheap as possible even for the smallest runs.


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