Get Yourself Some Quirky CNY Earrings From This Penang-Based Artist

The kuih kapit ones are just too cute!

Cover image via Instagram @kelly_lee24s

A local artist recently rolled out a series of earrings that will confirm bring some ong into your life

Based in Penang, Kelly Lee is a designer who makes jewellery by hand. She is known for her designs such as the nasi lemak and chicken rice earrings.

Recently, she announced the launch of a new series of Chinese New Year-themed earrings. The 23-year-old wrote on Instagram, "GongXiFatCai20 open for preorder now! DM me for more details."

Her designs are inspired by all of the things that make CNY special - peanut cookies, firecrackers, mandarin oranges, and even kuih kapit

All of the earrings are so intricate and they will look great with whatever you're wearing, for sure.

There are also statement earrings in the shape of the Chinese characters 'Fa Chai' which directly translates to "get rich"

Now you can go grab those ang pows in style.

Although the earrings are inedible, they sure are a feast for the eyes.

Make sure to get them before it's too late!

To purchase these earrings or any of Lee's other designs, reach out to her on Instagram or Facebook.

She is also the mastermind behind these awesome nasi lemak and chicken rice earrings:

Are you prepared for CNY? Maybe we can help:

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