"It's Defecating" – S'pore CNY Rabbit Mascot Becomes The 'Butt' Of The Joke Among Citizens

I'm not gonna say it, but we're all thinking it.

Cover image via Ye Yanxian/8world

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Chinese New Year (CNY) is just around the corner and everywhere you turn, there are beautiful and fun decorations as far as the eye can see.

However, there was one decoration in Chinatown, Singapore, that turned heads for the wrong reasons.

What was supposed to be a cute rabbit mascot with carrot decorations on the side, intended to symbolise the year of the rabbit in the zodiac calendar, turned into a laughing stock and an eyesore for many Singaporeans.

According to 8world, many netizens said that the rabbit mascot in question was positioned in an "awkward" posture, which caused it to look like the mascot was "defecating".

A civilian even told the news outlet that the rabbit looked like it was "squatting on the toilet".

However, there were some who came to the defence of the mascot. Some Singaporeans said that the design was a "matter of opinion" on whether it was good or bad, while one pointed out that the design of the mascot is true to the anatomy of a real rabbit.

"It is impossible [for the rabbit] to stand upright. It is only when [it] bends that it looks like a rabbit. If it stands upright, some people will also criticise it."

With the public's opinion clearly reaching the decoration organisers' ears, the rabbit mascot was later discovered to be "covered up"

Instead of just carrots, gold ingots and coins were placed on the platform with the mascot, partially shielding the rabbit's rear from the public eye.

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