[VIDEO] Man Pretends To Get Hit By Car & Rolls Around On The Ground For 2 Dramatic Minutes

Me when I encounter a minor inconvenience.

Cover image via 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians

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POV: It's New Year's day 2023 and you'd rather die than go to work — except this Hongkie went to the extreme to make it happen

In a video captured on a car dashcam in Hong Kong, a man is seen diving straight onto the hood of a slow-moving vehicle after it turned a corner

The incident allegedly occurred on new year's day, 1 January, at around 2am, according to the date on the footage.

Acting as though he was hit by the car, the man dramatically staggers off the hood, before taking a few steps away and falling to the ground.

In what was probably the performance of a lifetime, the man then proceeds to roll around in circles for two whole minutes, holding up traffic.

It's unclear whether the man was intoxicated or not, but he eventually gets up and is escorted away by two men in orange safety vests.

Although it took place some 2,400km away, Malaysians found it hilarious

"According to legend, the man is still rolling to this day," one user joked on Twitter.

Another user said they should've played the clip with the famous gangster rap song Ridin' by Chamillionaire that goes, "They see me rolling, they hatin'."

One Facebook user stated that his dramatics were equivalent to that of Bollywood films.

Watch the video here:

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