Johor Restaurant Fulfils Customer's Wish For MILO Chicken Rice On Christmas

The customer asked for "gao gao" MILO powder on his order.

Cover image via 慷美峰-炭火烧腊鸡饭小厨 (Facebook)

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In true Christmas spirit, a restaurant in Johor Bahru went out of their way to fulfil a customer's request to heap tons of MILO on their chicken rice

Chicken rice restaurant Kang Bee Hong shared on Facebook that they received the odd request on a GrabFood lunch order on Tuesday, 27 December.

The customer had left a long note under their roasted chicken rice order, asking the staff to kindly add lots of MILO powder because he was feeling very down during the festive season.

"On Christmas day, not even my family members gave me a call. I am heartbroken. But I really like 'gao gao (a lot of)' MILO powder. Can you guys help me add an explosive amount of MILO powder? So much powder that the world ends, so much that you question humanity, so much that you start to wonder if you and I are still sane, but not too much that you risk being fired by your boss. Thank you."

"We tried our best to fulfil the customer's request," the restaurant happily reported in their Facebook post

In another photo, the staff showed that they had prepared the order as the customer wanted, and even drew a cute Christmas greeting on the takeaway box.

The restaurant, however, did call attention to the GrabFood receipt, which included an order for a MILO dinosaur, suggesting that they knew something was wrong all along

The restaurant hinted that they knew the customer had mistakenly written their elaborate note on the chicken rice, not on the drink, but the staff still put the order together as a joke.

"No matter how much you love something (in this case, MILO), if it appears in the wrong place, we are sure it would be a torture to eat," they assured in the photo caption.

The Facebook post went viral, garnering over 5,500 likes and 8,000 shares, with netizens tickled by the sight of the MILO chicken rice

"This really makes me question humanity," commented a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

"There's sweet and there's savoury. That's just right," opined another.

Image via Facebook

Most importantly, someone asked, "The bottom line is, did that amount of MILO powder make the world end? Did it make you question your humanity? Did it make people start to wonder if they are still sane?"

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, many others jokingly commended the restaurant for their excellent customer service

"You guys completely followed the customer's remark, I give you 100 marks," said a netizen.

Image via Facebook

Someone else said, "Someone dared to write it, another dared to carry it out. Salute."

Image via Facebook

Another imagined the staff going, "We know what the problem is, we just have to get it done."

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Maybe this is the reason why K-pop star Jackson Wang thinks Singapore has better chicken rice:

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