Jackson Wang Declares That The Best Hainanese Chicken Rice Is In Singapore

Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice is the 'wang' for Wang.

Cover image via @MothershipSG (Twitter)

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It is an uncontested fact that Malaysia has better food compared to Singapore. ;)

However, K-pop idol Jackson Wang recently toppled that notion when he crowned Singapore as the country with the best Hainanese chicken rice.

According to a video by Mothership, during his third stop in Singapore for his Magic Man world tour, held on Friday, 23 December, Wang proclaimed his love for Singaporean-made chicken rice in front of thousands of fans.

"Can I just say one thing? I understand that Hainanese chicken rice is everywhere around the world but I just feel like the best sh#t is in Singapore," Wang declared, only to be met with uproarious cheers and applause from the audience.

After dropping that controversial opinion, Wang said that although he knows it can be a touchy subject, he doesn't really care and stands by his word

"I understand that there's controversy about it but who gives a f#ck? I love Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice" Wang said, again, being met with the cheers of his adoring fans.

You do you, Wang :)

You can watch Wang profess his love for Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore below:

Wang also seems to have a deep fondness for our local mamak scene:

He was also spotted visiting a mala hotpot restaurant in IOI City Mall during the second leg of his world tour in Malaysia:

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